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Earth's Longest Range Electric Scooter
Considered by many adults the most complete electric scooter in the market. Foldable and portable it goes everywhere you go. The EMOVE Cruiser is the perfect companion that helps you get to where you need to be.
  • 20% increase in top speed for 2021 models.
  • Get 2 weeks of commute in just 1 night of full charge.
  • Automotive grade tires mean less prone to pinch flats and provides a smoother ride.
  • 0-15 MPH in 3.4 seconds.
  • Up to 62 miles travel on a single charge.
  • Can handle up to 352 lbs (2 full grown adults).
  • Can climb 20 degrees of hill without issue.
  • Each scooter comes with it's own unique anti-theft locking key.
  • Highest rated waterproof build (IPX6)
  • Weighs just 52 pounds total
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What Customer's Are Saying...

"Thank you Voro Motors for making an electric scooter for guys like me! At 5'11" & 270#, I feel like this scooter was made just for me. Having rode motorcycles exclusively for the last 7yrs, most of the scooters I saw around me looked like toys. The build quality of this beautiful, black, 2021 Emove Cruiser is outstanding! My favorite part of tRead more about Thank you Voro Motors for making anhe Cruiser is that large and spacious deck! I wish the handlebars were as wide and spacious--they're a little cramped for my taste. I'd like to eventually replace it with a wider, more solid, one-piece handebar. The good news is that there are plenty of folks both at Voro and on Facebook who are willing and eager to share their knowledge & expertise.

Finally, as a new rider I want to encourage other new riders to enable the kick start function under the P5 setting. Hopefully you won't have to experience the same harrowing rides I did to learn the importance of this. Also, do yourself a solid and spring for a Xiaomi pump--the best accessory I've bought for the Crusier so far.

Many thanks, Voro!"
Michael R.
"Purchased (2) Emove Cruiser Scooters. Last scooters were Segway ES4. The ride is a ton smoother. The speed is a lot quicker. (Purchased thumb throttles as the finger pulls had a large dead spot before engaging) Getting use to the sensitivity a bit now. Still testing the longevity of the battery life. Voromotors has been great at assisting with my Read more about Purchased (2) Emove Cruiser Scooters.questions. Its nice to know that service after the sale is still out there."
Troy F.
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